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  1. Blog14th Sep 2023

    Dad and son working together smiling

    Succession without the backstabbing – how to be positive with your estate planning

    Betrayal, backstabbing and bitter sibling rivalry in HBO’s Succession made for gripping TV. But in real life most people would prefer their estate planning to be a little less complicated. Here’s how to get it right – without all the... Read more

    By Andrew Dines

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  2. Blog18th Aug 2023

    Investor walking in park in sun

    As the world heats up, how can we help investors make a more positive impact?

    This summer’s heatwave provides more evidence that action is needed to control climate change. Despite recent backlash against the ‘woke capitalism’ investors do have a part to play. This doesn’t mean they have to be worse off as a result.... Read more

    By Richard Johnston

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  3. Blog17th Jul 2023

    Man driving and considering changing lanes

    Why ‘lane envy’ can be dangerous for your finances

    Chopping and changing lane doesn’t help you get to your destination quicker. And it isn’t any better a strategy for your finances either. Higher interest rates can make some short-term measures more appealing – but they can actually be damaging... Read more

    By Martyn Paterson

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  4. Blog21st Jun 2023

    6 things you need to know about pension planning

    Think you’ve seen everything you need to know about the changes to tax and pensions for the financial year? Behind the headlines are some important things you need to consider for your pension planning. And some you may have missed.... Read more

    By Ian Campbell

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  5. Blog22nd May 2023

    What do chatbots mean for your financial advice?

    ChatGPT has gone from strength to strength since launching last year, opening up a huge debate on the role artificial intelligence (AI) plays in society. But would you take financial advice from a chatbot – or trust it with your... Read more

    By Andrew Dines

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  6. Blog12th May 2023

    Jack Swan receiving a Top Performer award

    AAB Wealth Technical Manager awarded two Top Performer awards

    The Insurance Institute of Aberdeen held their inaugural Achiever’s Event last month, celebrating the success of those who have passed exams or completed new qualifications over the last three years. It was great to see such a large turnout from... Read more

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  7. Blog30th Mar 2023

    Middle aged man smiling

    What does Jeremy Hunt’s ‘back to work’ budget mean for you?

    Summary: “No one should be pushed out of the workforce for tax reasons,” says the Chancellor. With an ageing population and growing skills gap, Jeremy Hunt has taken aim at the lifetime pension allowance. The last time Jeremy Hunt delivered... Read more

    By Richard Johnston

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  8. Blog20th Feb 2023

    4 key lessons about investment markets

    The number of ‘DIY investors’ is increasing. But for all the apps promising to make it easier, going it alone in the stock market without professional advice can be a real challenge. A survey of retail investors by EQ last... Read more

    By Richard Johnston

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  9. News14th Feb 2023

    AAB Wealth expands further in Central Scotland with key appointment

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  10. Blog23rd Jan 2023

    Couple sitting together, financial planning, budgeting, savings, forecast, state pension

    Update your financial checklist for 2023

    Summary: Here are some simple things you can do to help maximise your wealth. Welcome to the new year! How are you approaching 2023 so far? It’s of course traditional around this time of year to try and become healthier.... Read more

    By Ian Campbell

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  11. Blog16th Jan 2023

    Important changes to your National Insurance contributions

    AAB Wealth would like to make you aware of an upcoming change to the rules concerning the purchasing of voluntary National Insurance contributions. A person typically requires 35 full years of National Insurance contributions to be entitled to a full... Read more

    By Claire Marston

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  12. News11th Jan 2023

    Press release photo of Alistair Moore, Feargal McCormack, Debbie Connolly, Andrew Dines in Northern Ireland

    AAB Wealth growth continues in Northern Ireland with appointment of Debbie Connolly as Wealth Director

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