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  1. Blog30th Jun 2022

    Meet Troy Bruce: Taking the leap from Oil & Gas to Financial Services

    We are delighted to welcome Troy Bruce to the team as a Financial Planner. We caught up with Troy to find out a little more about his career up until now and what led him to joining AAB Wealth. In... Read more

    By Troy Bruce

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  2. Blog21st Jun 2022

    Investment and Market Update

    The news today can feel a little bit unsettling. There is no doubt that these are tough emotional times for investors.  Russia’s invasion, and brutal war in Ukraine, is unsettling on both a human and an economic level.  The plight... Read more

    By Ian Campbell

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  3. Blog21st Jun 2022

    AAB Wealth invites Ukrainian refugees to enjoy Aberdeen City Orchestra

    Aberdeen Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1982 by a group of friends who had known each other at school and university in the city. Their aim was to promote small-scale concerts for the enjoyment of friends and relatives. Going from strength... Read more

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  4. Blog20th Jun 2022

    What to do when volatility comes knocking

    The word on many investors’ lips right now is market volatility. We’re living in uncertain times. Even as the threat of the pandemic begins to subside, war in Ukraine and an escalating cost-of-living crisis are adding fuel to the fire.... Read more

    By Ian Campbell

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  5. Blog31st May 2022

    Meet Lisa: AAB Wealth’s newest Financial Planner

    Lisa Tait joined the AAB Wealth team last month, but Lisa is not new to AAB Wealth and has been working with the team for over 10 years. As a specialist in Private Client tax, trusts and estates, Lisa makes... Read more

    By Lisa Tait

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  6. Blog4th May 2022

    Why we should all be listening to women investors

    Taking on the gender investment gap The world of finance and investing still has something of an image problem. All too often, it’s the same story. It’s seen as being largely for those who are: ‘male, pale and stale’. Women... Read more

    By Andrew Dines

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  7. Blog25th Apr 2022

    A catch-up with Ross

    Approaching the end of his first year at AAB Wealth, we caught up with Ross White to hear how he found joining the firm remotely and how his role in Client Service Support has evolved. Ross also shares some of... Read more

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  8. Blog2nd Apr 2022

    When can you afford to retire? A case study on retirement planning

    Understanding how financial planning for retirement planning in theory and graphs can feel both overwhelming and confusing. So, I invite you to review a real life scenario of Derek and Julie – a couple from Edinburgh with a common dilemma... Read more

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  9. Blog2nd Apr 2022

    What is the difference, if any, between Financial Advice and Financial Planning?

    A question often asked is ‘What is the difference, if any, between Financial Advice and Financial Planning?’. Often the terms are used interchangeably and, of course, that is fine for everyday language, but in practice there is a significant difference... Read more

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