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  1. Blog24th Oct 2019

    AAB Wealth paraplanner awarded prestigious Fellowship status

    Alison Wishart, chartered paraplanner at Anderson Anderson & Brown Wealth (AAB Wealth) has been awarded the Personal Finance Society’s (PFS’s) Fellowship status. Fellowship of the PFS is the most prestigious qualification awarded to those working in the industry and is... Read more

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  2. Blog14th Oct 2019

    Doing well and doing good?

    At Glastonbury 2019 David Attenborough gave a passionate speech about the impact humans and our behaviours are having on the sustainability of our planet. This got me thinking about the growing interest from clients in responsible investing and questions we... Read more

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  3. Blog14th Oct 2019

    The randomness of global equity returns

    Where in the world will I invest? A question often asked and given the current happenings in world markets, a very topical one. If you listen to the news, some countries may seem like better places to invest than others,... Read more

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  4. Blog14th Oct 2019

    Focus on what you can control

    With the relentless stream of news readily available about financial markets, it can be tempting to focus on the latest economic data, stories about high profile investment managers or the performance of individual funds. Such an approach could lead you... Read more

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  5. Blog16th Sep 2019

    The role of a Financial Planner

    Our clients have worked hard to build their wealth, and know where they wish to go. Yet, how do they get there? It is not straightforward, with numerous tax-traps and continually changing legislation. It is not a one-off transaction –... Read more

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  6. Blog5th Aug 2019

    Making the right choice

    Choosing a financial planner or adviser is not a decision that should be taken lightly, as this will most likely be the start of a long term relationship that will impact the financial future of you and your family. Should... Read more

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  7. Blog9th Jul 2019

    Keeping things in perspective

    The financial industry often has us thinking that a successful investment experience depends on having the ability to predict what markets will do next, confusing investing with speculating. 2018 may have been a disappointing year for equities, but it shouldn’t... Read more

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  8. Blog4th Jul 2019

    Keeping the finances in the family

    Death and taxes – not the most pleasant of subjects, but bear with me! From the financial perspective it is crucially important that the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed – the last thing a family needs is more... Read more

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  9. Blog14th Jun 2019

    Investment fads

    It has been said, “There’s one robust new idea in finance that has investment implications maybe every 10 or 15 years, but there’s a marketing idea every week.” Investment fads are nothing new. When selecting strategies for their portfolios, investors... Read more

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  10. Blog12th Jun 2019

    Boost your state pension

    The new state pension system, introduced in 2016, is a simpler beast than its predecessor. The rules from 2016 are a straightforward 35 years of qualifying national insurance (NI) contributions will entitle you to the full state pension. However, there... Read more

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  11. Blog9th May 2019

    Markets fell in 2018 – but keep this in perspective

    The start of a new financial year always provides a good opportunity to reflect on the previous year, take stock and plan ahead for the next. 2018 may have been a disappointing year for equities – many headlines were written... Read more

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  12. Blog9th May 2019

    Little known tax-traps

    “I’m paying how much in tax!?” This is not an uncommon phrase when clients are made aware of the true amount of tax they are paying. Most of us receive our income, whether via salary, profit-share from our practice, or... Read more

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