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Client Stories

  1. Client Story26th Jun 2023

    Retired client with daughter in car smiling

    Pensions transfer and planning: Bob’s story

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  2. Client Story11th Jul 2022

    smiling couple on beach, retirement, people hugging, future, positive, happy

    Putting the numbers on retirement – Dave’s story

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  3. Client Story1st Jun 2022

    Managing a windfall – Ben’s story

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  4. Client Story29th May 2022

    People walking over a zebra crossing laughing

    Selling a Business – Alan’s Story

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  5. Client Story24th May 2022

    People sitting a dining table smiling

    Redundancy Tax Planning – Ian’s Story

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  6. Client Story15th Feb 2022

    A life-changing decision: Crawford’s story

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  7. Client Story24th Dec 2021

    Trusted support at an emotional time: James’s story

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  8. Client Story21st Nov 2021

    Gifting money- Nigel’s story

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  9. Client Story24th Oct 2021

    Helping children onto the property ladder – Gary’s story

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  10. Client Story15th Aug 2021

    Couple reading a book together

    Pension Planning, Estate Planning and Buy-to-Let – Graham and Shona’s Story

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  11. Client Story18th Sep 2020

    Early retirement and the NHS pension – Tara’s story

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  12. Client Story24th Apr 2020

    Pension Transfer – Colin’s Story

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