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  1. Blog21st Sep 2021

    The minimum pension age is rising. How can you make sure you don’t miss out?

    What will the revised normal minimum pension age mean for your planned retirement date? Now’s the time to start planning. Preparing for a ‘cliff edge’ The UK has an ageing population – nearly a quarter of us will be over... Read more

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  2. Blog23rd Aug 2021

    Meet our new Financial Planning Associate, Steven McBurnie

    We are delighted to welcome Steven McBurnie to the firm as part of the Financial Planning team. At AAB Wealth we value every team member and encourage personal development as it benefits the whole team and the clients we look... Read more

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  3. Blog17th Aug 2021

    Whatever you do – do nothing

    This is a proverb from the world of investing, as I will explain, but inspired by the goalkeepers in the recent European Cup Finals. The memory of the England defeat after a penalty shoot-out may still be too raw for... Read more

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  4. Blog14th Jul 2021

    The AAB CommonHealth Games

    As lockdown continues and following on from the announcement the AAB Group has introduced a hybrid working policy, we know it is really important to keep up our team communication and activity – but another zoom quiz is a big... Read more

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  5. Blog6th Jul 2021

    Ronaldo, Bitcoin and protecting your wealth

    Life can travel at an incredible pace for an investor. In the mere blink of an eye, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly managed to wipe off $4 billion from Coca-Cola’s market value by removing two bottles of the world’s most... Read more

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  6. Blog28th Jun 2021

    The real role of Risk and Compliance

    My entire career has been based in the financial services arena. From my very first job as an office junior with RBS, to becoming a mortgage adviser and then a financial adviser with various banks. Having gained all this experience,... Read more

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  7. Blog24th Jun 2021

    Pension developments that affect senior NHS professionals

    Two quite separate developments in pension legislation will have major repercussions for high earners in the NHS, including doctors, surgeons and consultants. The first is changes in the Finance Bill 2021 affecting the Lifetime Allowance, which sets a cap on... Read more

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  8. Blog15th Jun 2021

    What the McCloud judgement means for public sector pensions

    Are you aware that over the next few years, legislative changes are in the pipeline that will change the rules applying to public sector pension schemes? The evolution of this legislation is one of the topics we at AAB are... Read more

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  9. Blog31st May 2021

    Meet our three new Client Service Support team members!

    At AAB Wealth one of our key values is to continue to invest in the future talent of our profession, and our various training programmes contribute towards our continued growth. Which is why we are delighted to welcome three new... Read more

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  10. Blog4th May 2021

    The freedom to choose

    Here’s an amazing fact: did you know that around 100 million Covid viruses can fit on the head of a pin? They are incredibly small, but despite that, Covid has changed just about every aspect of our lives during the... Read more

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  11. Blog26th Apr 2021

    A whole team approach to client service

    Prior to joining AAB Wealth my career was quite varied. I started off in secretarial or personal assistant type roles until I had my family and then retrained as a Fitness Instructor and ran my own business for 8 years... Read more

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  12. Blog8th Apr 2021

    How we support clients through difficult situations

    We have come to the end of a turbulent year, in terms of our health, our wealth, our work and for many, our financial wellbeing. Change is everywhere. Many of us may be facing new situations, whether enforced or voluntary,... Read more

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