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  1. Blog31st Mar 2021

    How your pension can support a more sustainable world

    Do you recall at the start of the very first lockdown last March, when we all became aware of the positive impact it was having on the environment? The green canals of Venice, the blue skies over Delhi and the... Read more

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  2. Blog29th Mar 2021

    A Delightful Decade at AAB Wealth

    Vikki Venerus leads the operations of AAB Wealth and has been with the firm from the very beginning. With our 10 year Anniversary recently celebrated we asked Vikki to reflect on her time at AAB Wealth so far and to... Read more

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  3. News22nd Mar 2021

    AAB Wealth hits key milestones on 10 Year Anniversary

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  4. Blog15th Mar 2021

    How AAB is taking small steps to support a more sustainable world

    In a world where ethical consumption and environmental sustainability have become part of our everyday language, it’s only natural that the finance industry is making big moves to adopt a more responsible form of investing.  But ten years ago, if... Read more

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  5. Blog25th Feb 2021

    2020: The year that wasn’t – or was it?

    It’s difficult to think it’s been over a year since I, together with a number of the AAB Wealth team, were celebrating my Achievers Award from the Insurance Institute of Aberdeen. Who’d have thought soon after I’d be working, revising... Read more

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  6. Blog11th Feb 2021

    The only concept business owners need to master for success

    Regardless of how motivated you may be, there will always be a roadblock that limits your success -and so to progress, it must be removed. The real roadblock for most people is in fact time – but successful business owners... Read more

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  7. Blog8th Feb 2021

    Starting a business in your 50s? Here are 7 finance tips

    In 2015 new pension flexibilities were introduced that allowed people aged 55 and over to take lump sums out of the pension savings, to spend, reinvest, or perhaps use as start-up capital for a business venture. Suddenly, a whole generation... Read more

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  8. Blog26th Jan 2021

    Q&A with Alastair Moore

    Ali last wrote an update on his career in late 2018, where he discussed his exam journey so far with the Chartered Institute of Insurance. Just over two years on, Ali has completed his exams and no longer has to... Read more

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  9. Blog13th Jan 2021

    Pensions – what does the future hold?

    “The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.” At AAB Wealth we agree with this from the American economist John Kenneth Galbraith. Particularly in light of the turbulence of the Covid pandemic, combined with the uncertainty... Read more

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  10. Blog21st Dec 2020

    A round up of 2020

    Well… what a year! Although this has been a difficult year, and we only had three short months of normality before lockdown measures were well and truly underway, we’ve had a busy year at AAB Wealth. So, we decided that... Read more

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  11. News17th Dec 2020

    AAB Wealth named one of Scotland’s top 20 financial planning firms

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  12. Blog2nd Dec 2020

    The Bank of Mum and Dad – How it works

    As loving parents, we want nothing more than to help our children when the time comes for them to ‘fly the coop’. Whether they’re off to college, into a first job, or getting a first roof over their heads, a... Read more

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