La Dell

Chartered Financial Planner



Individuals. Business Owners. Trustees.


Financial Planning, Cash Flow Modelling, Retirement Planning, Pension Planning, Investment Planning, Inheritance Tax Planning


Tom La Dell is a Chartered Financial Planner in the Wealth team. His role involves leading the Wealth Management team in Leeds, working closely with team members in Sagars to offer our clients a holistic approach to both their financial planning and tax affairs.


“Having worked with a diverse client base for a number of years the best relationships are those forged upon a mutual trust.  Being able to gain a deep understanding of what is truly important to my clients and what their money means for them allows me to tailor my advice to their personal circumstances.  It is so important to recognise that no two clients are the same and financial freedom looks and feels different for everyone.  The greatest feedback I’ve received from a client is ‘I trust you implicitly’.


“I deeply dislike meeting clients who have no sense of direction with their financial planning despite working with traditional IFA’s and asset managers. Financial planning isn’t all about investment returns, it’s about making sure you can sustain your lifestyle, understanding the risks you’re exposed to, minimising your tax liabilities and controlling what you can control.

The most rewarding part of my job is giving clients clarity on what their financial future will look like, so they can make informed decisions about retirement, making large expenses, or protecting their hard-earned assets from inheritance tax.  When situations change, I will always be available to provide the guidance needed to navigate any obstacles, work from a new perspective or achieve different goals.”


“I’m a great believer that clients get far greater value from utilising personalised visual aids to understand their required investment returns and sensitivity to fluctuating asset values than they ever would from reading 20+ pages of regulatory jargon containing generic risk warnings about past performance and returns not being guaranteed. Of course, that’s not to say these statements aren’t true, but clients need to take them in the context of their personal circumstances.

Technology is an essential tool in enabling financial planners to showcase clients’ current circumstances and how it aligns with their financial goals, and allows clients to work with us more conveniently, securely and with a better understanding of their financial planning.”


“It’s fantastic to be part of the firm’s expansion into Yorkshire and I’m really excited to be part of the team in Leeds and introduce AAB Wealth to our clients. Having been a big believer in a client centric, evidence-based approach to financial planning, I am well placed to be able to deliver the high standards and message of AAB Wealth to our clients old and new.”

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