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Who I help

Private Individuals. Business Owners. High Net Worth Individuals.

How I help

Financial Planning. Cash Flow Modelling. Pension Planning. Retirement Planning. Investment Planning. Cascading Wealth.

“No two client situations are the same”

Kelly Shek is a Financial Planner within our Wealth team. Based in our Aberdeen office, Kelly works with clients to help them make realistic plans that are unique to them. This is achieved by building long term relationships and meeting regularly to help make sensible decisions through different life stages for their financial future.

An ideal relationship

“An ideal relationship is one built on trust, honesty and open communication. I want to work closely to understand my clients’ goals and aspirations and work together to put a plan in place to make these a reality.

Meeting clients goals and objectives matter to me as much as they do to them. They deserve an honest relationship and to know that any advice I give has their best interests at heart.”

Lifetime of support

“Clients allow us into all aspects of their life and turn to us for guidance, support and reassurance.  Whether that is as simple as recommending a solicitor, helping them deal with unexpected shocks, guiding them to commit to saving to improve their overall planning position or letting them know they can retire early, the list is endless. We are on a life journey with them and it is so rewarding, I am passionate about helping.”

Culture of change and innovation

“I have already witnessed such a great team spirit within AAB. Being able to voice opinions, collaborate and brainstorm helps everyone embrace change, innovate and succeed together whilst delivering good client outcomes.

One of the biggest challenges we face is the pace of regulatory changes and technology integration but, although sometimes disruptive, the overall goal is usually for a good purpose. I embrace change and will work together with the team to implement and adapt when required which in turn allows us to grow collectively.

Technology is fundamental to the job that we do.  We can deliver communications more efficiently and effectively, help clients visualise plans using cash flow modelling, and the role technology pays in day-to-day running of the business provides positive outcomes to clients overall.”

Focusing on what really matters

“Clients are our biggest asset and passion is essential in our business, appreciating the clients and thanking them for their business goes a long way to maintain great relationships which is important.

The greatest compliment I have received from a client is ‘I love how friendly and trustworthy my advisor is, she explains everything so well and never makes you feel like you’re taking up too much of her time.’

My approach is to help clients focus on the things that matter and what they can control.  It is easy to get caught up in the negative media and focus on negative periods in the market. I want clients to focus on what really matters to them and leave the rest to us.

I want clients to reach their goals and aspirations in life and will work hard to guide them on that journey.”

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