Chartered Financial Planner



Individuals, Business Owners, Trustees.


Financial Planning, Wealth Planning, Legacy Planning, Cash Flow Modelling, Pension Planning, Investment Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Cascading Wealth Planning.


Alastair Moore is a Chartered Financial Planner within our Wealth team. Based in Northern Ireland, his role involves helping clients put robust and coherent financial plans in place, taking care of the complex investment decisions and providing them with the confidence to achieve their goals, objectives and ambitions.

“I take a holistic view of financial planning with clients. Starting with building a picture of where they are now, financially and personally. From here, I develop a cash flow model which incorporates their lifestyle goals and objectives, along with their assets, liabilities, income and expenditure. This process illustrates whether the client is currently able to achieve their goals and objectives and how efficiently their finances are structured. I then work with clients to enhance the structure of their assets and implement any changes which could increase their ability to achieve their own personal goals and objectives.

No financial plan should be a set and forget exercise, as such, I meet with clients regularly to update their financial plan, take account of changes in their circumstances and ensure they remain on track to meet their goals and objectives.”


“A fundamental part of my role as a Financial Planner is helping clients navigate complex and important milestones throughout their lifetime. As such, I enjoy building long term relationships with clients, where I act as a support, someone they can lean on, rely upon, and who ultimately helps them navigate the ebbs and flows of life with confidence.

Every relationship has to be built on trust. Clients expect and deserve honest, trustworthy and professional advice, with their best interests at heart, from someone who truly understands and knows them, their situation and their objectives. ”


“AAB has a reputation for being disruptive, feisty and assertive and this reflects in our approach to clients. Financial Planning and Advice has for too long been focused on investments and investment returns. AAB Wealth, and I by association, take a different approach with clients; investing for the long term and focusing on what really matters to clients; their unique goals and objectives.”


“Technology has been a fantastic facilitator over the past couple of years with everyone being forced to meet virtually. Ultimately however, technology will never replace the power of face to face meetings, where we get a deeper sense of who the client is and where they want to go, whilst allowing the client to get a sense of us and whether we can add value to their circumstances.

However, we can harness technology to enhance the client experience further, whether it’s to demonstrate the sustainability of their lifestyle throughout their lifetime or checking in with them as they enjoy a holiday abroad.”


“It’s exciting to be part of a fast growing and dynamic firm as it enters a new stage and a new geographic region in Northern Ireland. This creates opportunities for the firm and I to work closely with our FPM colleagues to grow, develop and help clients throughout this region with their financial planning requirements.”

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