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We help a range of clients across the board, and each client requires specific advice tailored to their needs. The variety of financial expectations from our large client pool provides new starts like myself with great exposure from early on through to the later stages of financial planning. The underlying aspect is that financial planning can be beneficial at any moment in any career.


Our team works together to provide recommendations based on the client’s needs. The implementation of this strategy will be tailored to match their preferred portfolio. Upon completion of the client’s plan, we frequently monitor the performance of the client’s wealth and personal needs to ensure that our strategy continues to align with their financial goals via regular communication. Importantly, we reassure clients, as emotions can understandably run high during the ups and downs of the market – we remind them that our plans have been constructed to deal with market shocks.

“In everything we do, we keep our clients’ best interests at heart.”

Ciaran Drever is a Financial Planning Associate based in our Aberdeen office. His role allows him to be involved in a client’s journey from start to finish with the main responsibility being to ensure that the client receives high quality and consistent support and service. His role also involves attending meetings and recording relevant data on the client’s information, visions and current policies they may hold. Outwith meetings, his tasks vary from setting up plans to executing withdrawals or payments whilst working alongside firm-based side projects.

vision for the future

“Transparency and trust are fundamental to an ideal client relationship and are vital factors in supporting effective communication between all parties involved. Understanding the client’s needs and vision for the future is the foundation for developing a unique relationship. Along with our professional advice, we can create a plan that will benefit clients and provide great satisfaction for the Group, in alignment with our intention of ensuring financial confidence for all clients.”

Building lasting relationships

“We act with clients’ best interests in mind and inform them of notable changes or updates. They should feel comfortable when discussing their financial situation with us and it’s vital to create this environment to build and maintain a longstanding strong relationship with the client.”

Encouraging working culture

“Occasionally, it is great to meet clients at the office or online to gain an understanding of their personal and financial journey. All clients are unique from one another, meaning every interaction is interesting in discussing their experiences and plans for the future.

In my short tenure within the Wealth department at AAB, it was evident after a few days that the working culture and ethics are encouraging and lively, creating an enjoyable work environment. The open approach to work allows for the team to integrate from the advisors down to the trainees.”


“In-person interaction is valued highly by our clients and is the reason why our ‘hands-on’ approach is inevitable in developing our unique relationship with clients. Although, this can be altered to meet clients’ specific needs with our innovative and interactive portals and services providing clients with visibility to their chosen plan and performance digitally whenever they wish. Ultimately, having the option allows for the essential flexibility and accessibility to monitor and ensure client satisfaction and performance of investments.”


“The support and training invested into individual development for the overall greater good of the Group is a real incentive for graduates to join the business to develop and progress through their careers. The Group’s recent and projected growth is impressive, creating exciting opportunities for all those associated with the firm as we look to expand our client base across the UK.”


“Being relatively new to the Group, it’s vital that I continue to develop my knowledge of clients, the groups processes and procedures and especially the services we provide. In doing so, it allows me to be open and available to new challenges and tasks and understanding my training as a Trainee. Overall, I feel the above coupled with my relevant university degrees will aid my productivity and value to the team.”

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