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I grew up on the Orkney Isles, located north of the Scotland mainland. The small host of islands allowed for a very safe and enjoyable upbringing. I now live permanently in Aberdeen but do still travel home for special occasions... Read more

Blog8th Sep 2022

By Ciaran Drever

I grew up on the Orkney Isles, located north of the Scotland mainland. The small host of islands allowed for a very safe and enjoyable upbringing. I now live permanently in Aberdeen but do still travel home for special occasions and the festive period to enjoy time with my family and to take part in the traditional Ba’ game.

Despite, growing up on a remote island, I was no stranger to the “big cities”. I spent most weekends throughout my teenage years playing rugby on the mainland representing the county team in the National League and the Caledonian region in the pathway selection squads throughout the U16 & U18 age groups.

Building a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience

I studied both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees at university for the past 5 years with my most prominent years falling within the pandemic in 2020/21. Completing my dissertation during lockdown had its challenges – interviewing participants over Teams, meant it was slightly more difficult to connect and get the most out of the interviews. Although, it meant participants did not have to travel to interviews some were perhaps more were willing and available to be interviewed given the restrictions on all of our lives at the time. The communication skills I learnt in this process prepared me for aspects of role at AAB Wealth, some clients are unable to meet in person and using technology we are able to provide them with a more flexible service suited to their own schedules.

I recently graduated from Aberdeen University as a Master of Science in Finance and Investment Management with Distinction, preceding my bachelor’s degree in Management from Robert Gordon University. While at university, I completed a year-long placement with Schlumberger as a Sourcing Intern. Although quite a different industry, my role at Schlumberger shared various similarities, being very finance orientated and client focused. I conducted tenders and managed projects across Europe for the Drilling & Measurements product line, whilst also monitoring the relationship and management of our local suppliers and clients. These transferable skills gave me valuable experience of working with different people and strengthened both my confidence and professional ability, all of which I can bring forward in my role to provide our clients with the awesome service AAB Wealth is known for.

The value of a supportive team

After leaving university, I wasn’t in a rush to find a job straight away, I took my time and did my research. AAB Wealth stood out to me because some of my university friends had completed placements and internships at the group. All of them were enthused by their approach to investing in each individual’s personal development through training programmes along with the support received by fellow team members. As a recent graduate keen to kick start my career in Wealth Management, this is what initially attracted me to the firm so when an opportunity to join the firm became available, I jumped at it.

Just as I had interviewed participants for my dissertation, my interviews for AAB Wealth were all online, the only difference being that I was the interviewee. Usually in person interviews give you a chance to see what the culture and office is like, but I was still able to get a good impression of what it would be like to work at the firm and was pleased that it fit my expectations. I was also invited into the office to meet the team and see where I would be working which made integrating into the team much easier.

What makes the team at AAB Wealth different is the togetherness and spirit surrounding them. The lively and efficient atmosphere allows us to easily deliver what is expected. I have thoroughly enjoyed the social aspect of being in the office most days getting to know my colleagues and feel I have learnt a lot from being in the office around the others in the team.

The hybrid approach to working has also helped me manage personal commitments around my working hours when needed. Agile hours also mean that I can take an occasional half day to keep up with hobbies and make up the time when it suits me.

Helping clients reach their financial goals whilst working towards my own goals

A key aspect of my role in Client Service Support (CSS) is to support and contribute to helping clients meet their financial goals. In order to do this, I believe effective communication and attention to detail is essential. Although the overall success of the team and the service we provide comes down to two fundamental aspects: transparency and trust. From a client perspective, we build the trust so that they feel comfortable to be transparent with their finances so that we can give them to more accurate advice on how to achieve their goals. From an internal perspective, transparency between team members is essential when dealing with tight deadlines or asking for support with workload whilst studying.

The most satisfying part of my role is seeing how our service has helped long-standing clients’, from initial engagement to smashing their goals. Working as a team to help clients reach their financial goals brings a great sense of achievement and the feedback we get from clients brings this to life. Hearing how our advice has changed their own and their families’ lives is hugely rewarding and motivating. I am excited for what the future holds and to be part of a group which is constantly growing and evolving and I look forward to strengthening relationships with clients as well as connecting with new clients.

My goal is to develop a more in depth understanding of the business and the services that we provide before continuing my studies working towards my Diploma in Financial Planning in the near future. I am looking forward to meeting and supporting even more AAB Wealth clients in the months and years ahead.



By Ciaran Drever

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