Starting a business – John’s story

Client Story

I’d reached my mid-fifties and was a little fed up; I’d worked for the same company for 30-odd years and had got to the stage where I wanted to do something else. But I never felt the push to do it.

When the rules around pensions changed in 2015 and pension transfer values started to look really good, I decided it was a good time to think about this more seriously.

Looking for expert help

What I really wanted to do was to start my own business, but I knew there could be a lot of financial risk involved. However, my investments had done well and on top of that I was offered voluntary redundancy, so it was looking more like a win-win.

However, I knew I still needed expert help.

Having read AAB Wealth’s website and looked closely at the testimonials – which felt very real – I spoke to Martyn Paterson and was really impressed. He was so helpful with the information he was giving me, and he wasn’t trying to force me to go with them.

When we spoke about the Defined Benefit transfer, he was actually open enough to say initially: “Look, this might not be the best decision for you.” This made it obvious AAB Wealth had my best interests at heart.

Setting up a new business

When I got the figures for pension transfer Martyn showed me I’d have enough money to keep me going for a lifetime, which meant I would be able to start up the business and keep some money invested.

Setting up my own business was something I really wanted to, but even with the positive figures, I still had to weigh up the pros and cons. But when is it not a risk to follow your dreams?

At every opportunity, AAB Wealth talked me through the risks, and the advice I got was always very mutual, not one sided; it was a conversation, and together we would come to an agreement.

Supportive, professional, honest

I’ve since also spoken to Martyn about other aspects of running my own company – how I could invest more money into it, instead of paying tax for example. Martyn is on top of his game and gives very precise answers. If he doesn’t know something he’ll find out and get straight back to me – he has a wealth of expertise at his fingertips with AAB Wealth.

AAB Wealth are totally supportive, working with them was all about things being in my best interests; I didn’t have to invest with them, but it was an opportunity I decided to take because the information they gave me made it very clear what I was doing.

I feel brilliant now compared to before working with AAB Wealth. The enjoyment I get out of what I’m doing now is second to none and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do any of this without them.

Now I run Country Pursuits an exclusive outdoor activities events company, and at age 52, am finally following my dreams.


“I feel brilliant now compared to before working with AAB Wealth. The enjoyment I get out of what I’m doing now is second to none.”


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