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“I WANT TO bring a different perspective.”

Lisa Tait is a Financial Planner within our Wealth team. Based in Aberdeen, she helps clients get to grips with their money and gain peace of mind that they’re financially secure. But Lisa’s role isn’t just focused on investments or savings. More often than not, it’s about giving people the confidence to spend their money on things they want to do, whilst knowing they’ll still be ok in the future – and so will their family.

Lisa works hard to help her clients build a better life. And she says it’s an incredible compliment that clients put their faith in her, and trust that she only has their best interests at heart.


“Having an open and honest dialogue with clients is crucial. They need to trust me, and I need to be honest with them – even if they don’t particularly want to hear what I have to say! It’s just about creating an environment where they feel comfortable telling me about their ambitions, their hopes and dreams for the future – both personally and for their loved ones.

I think as a woman in a traditionally male industry, I can bring a slightly different perspective to what I can offer to the Wealth team and to our clients.”


“I’m a people person, so working with clients face-to-face is the most satisfying part of my role. Just meeting people, chatting to them and taking them through the planning process is great. And it’s even better when you know you’ve given them the confidence to really enjoy their hard-earned cash and see their retirement as the next exciting stage of life.

Everything I do revolves around making the big decisions a little bit simpler – and ultimately helping clients get the most out of life.”


“Although relationships are the key thing for me, there’s a place for tech too – especially when it comes to cash flow modelling. It’s really powerful to be able to sit with a client and present a meaningful visual of their financial plans for the future, showing them different scenarios and building in important life events.

To see it all laid out visually makes such a difference – much better than just talking about the numbers. It means I can show people, that if you want to get here, you can still afford to do X, Y and Z without running out of money. That opens up so many possibilities for people.”


“You might think one of the greatest challenges in this role is preventing clients from going into panic mode about their investments when the markets aren’t performing well, or world events throw a spanner in the works. But because we take the time at the outset to make sure our clients are comfortable with our long term investment approach, this isn’t a common issue.

A greater challenge is giving clients comfort that they can spend their money! Retirement should no longer be seen as pipe and slippers territory (unless that’s the dream!) but instead the start of a new chapter, full of opportunity. You’ve worked hard all your life. Now’s the time to live a little.”

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