Financial Planning Associate



A wide range of clients from business owners, recently retired individuals and couples, to younger clients at the beginning of their working lives, we provide advice and support across a large range of demographics.


Provide support services and assistance to the Financial Planners and Paraplanners. This facilitates effective and efficient analysis, implementation and maintenance of detailed financial plans specific to any client’s needs and circumstances. The CSS team are also on hand to assist with any queries clients have, ensuring they are dealt with effectively and directed to the appropriate member of the team.

“Putting our clients’ best interests first.”

Fintan McKenna is a Financial Planning Associate based in our Aberdeen office. His role involves providing process focused assistance and support to the Financial Planners and Paraplanners so that they can give the clients the best service possible. This encompasses a wide range of tasks, from preparing reports before and after client meetings, to gathering information on a clients current financial situation and existing policies, to implementing the detailed financial plan that our planners have recommended.


“An ideal relationship with our clients would centre around clear communication and trust. Our clients put a lot of trust in AAB Wealth, and as such they should feel that they are able to come to us with any question or concern, big or small. It is our job from there to make sure clients know that they will receive clear, consistent advice that always puts their best interests first.

I find so much of the work we do directly with clients rewarding. Being able to see clients face to face, the tangible impact of what we do as a team is constantly evident. We get to see how our advice has helped our clients in any range of circumstances, from earlier retirements, to house deposits, to even paying for the holiday of a lifetime.”


“My academic background is in investment management and portfolio construction. I feel this allows me to bring a slightly different perspective to the team. The financial markets can be a confusing and even intimidating subject for some, so having an ability to understand and explain them will always be valuable. In saying this, the opportunity to learn from my colleagues at AAB Wealth is brilliant. Every member of the team is so supportive and encouraging when it comes to personal growth, which has helped me settle into the role and the industry as a whole.”


“AAB not only has a strong reputation of facilitating further study and career progression but is also known for actively encouraging it. This was a large motivating factor in choosing to begin my career with the firm and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

At the firm level, I’m excited for the ever-increasing opportunities our growth will present. The AAB Group has expanded even just in my time at the firm, and with this our reach will also grow. This will allow us to engage with a wider range of clients from different backgrounds, ultimately allowing us to help more people reach their goals and achieve financial freedom.”

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    Playing the long game: from aspiring golfer to trainee financial planner

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