Jacalyn Craig


I work primarily with the AAB Wealth team, but also collaborate and share information across the group when our client is also a client of the wider firm for example, if they need tax advice.


I work primarily with the AAB Wealth team, but also collaborate and share information across the group when our client is also a client of the wider firm for example, if they need tax advice.

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question.”

Jacalyn Craig provides business support to the Wealth team. Based in Aberdeen, her role involves the creation of branded templates and presentations for clients of AAB Wealth. Although she doesn’t directly work with clients, she supports the team to ensure clients understand the information shared with them.

An ideal relationship

“An ideal client relationship involves creating a sense of comfort so that our clients don’t think twice about getting in touch with us when they are uncertain about anything. There’s no such thing as a stupid question and we aim to provide peace of mind that their financial future is in good hands.

An ideal work relationship involves trust. We trust one another to do our part in delivering high-quality service. Our Financial Planners send me the content they want to include in presentations, and put their trust in me to create something more visual from it.”

a supportive team

“A highlight of working with the team is how supportive and understanding everyone is. Whenever we come together, it’s like we have all known each other for years, irrespective of how long you’ve worked at AAB Wealth. Everyone is enthusiastic and willing to help one another grow and develop. We have a culture of sharing, whether that be work-related or on a more personal level. It is honestly a great environment to work in.”


“We have always been a somewhat paperless team. Even more so in recent years, as we had to think differently about how we could work during the pandemic. Now, the hybrid working scheme allows me to work from home when I need and as often as I need. I can do everything required of me from home, but it is still a delight to know that there is space for me to come into the office and catch up with the team.”


“I’ve always believed that working together and sharing ideas is the best way to get the most out of people. Quite often I get called to answer questions or work with team members across the group. Being approached by team members that I’ve not previously worked with and told that they’ve heard I am the person to go to for an amazing presentation, is the greatest compliment I could receive.

Sharing what I have learnt over the years, ultimately helps others to grow in those areas, just as others expertise can provide me with valuable insights and knowledge that I can apply to the work I do.”


“I’d describe myself as reliable – I can get the job done to a high standard. Dependable – I meet expectations and deliver to the team on time. Adaptable – I enjoy looking outside the box and exploring new ways to do things that can improve processes or leave a lasting impression on clients.

The service we provide clients could also be described using the same three characteristics. We are dedicated to providing financial advice that clients can trust and making sure we are reachable when they have any queries. The advice we provide is tailored to each individual and their unique circumstances and financial goals, knowing these are likely to change throughout the lifecycle of their financial plan and meeting for regular reviews to ensure they are on track to reaching their goals.”

Joshua Metcalf

Who I help

I help a wide variety of people including Retirees, Individuals, Families, Business Owners & High Net Worth Individuals.


How I help

I support our Financial Planners and Financial Planning associates to help deliver personalised guidance that goes beyond mere numbers and charts. We specialise in providing tailored advice, supported with meticulous analysis and cash flow modelling, to help our clients unlock the full potential of their financial journey.


Joshua Metcalf is part of the Client Service Support team. Based in Leeds, he provides crucial assistance to Financial Planners and the wider team by managing and processing new and existing client work, ensuring clients consistently receive top-quality service, preparing client documentation for meetings, and maintaining client records. He also plays a part in recording business transactions and liaising with product and investment providers.


An ideal client relationship is built on trust, open and honest communication. Trust is the cornerstone upon which we set out realistic financial goals and help our clients achieve them. Our aim is for clients to feel not only welcomed but genuinely valued from the moment they set foot into our office. Our dedication to providing high-quality work with particular attention to detail, alongside prompt, knowledgeable responses, helps build our clients’ confidence in us, that we always have their best interests at heart.


The most satisfying aspect of working with clients is having the opportunity to establish genuine connections. It’s incredibly fulfilling to engage in client meetings with Financial Planners and gain an insight into each individual’s distinct needs, to build a rapport and work with them to help them tackle any challenges they may face.

When it comes to working with colleagues, their collaborative nature and being part of a cohesive team that communicates openly and works together seamlessly is essential for providing our clients with the best possible service. The camaraderie within the team, which is fostered by the many social events, contributes significantly to a positive work environment, making each day enjoyable and productive.


Clients are our passion. Embracing a client-centric philosophy in my work involves a profound commitment to understanding and prioritizing the needs, goals, and well-being of my clients. We focus not only on ensuring that clients are satisfied, but that their expectations are exceeded. To achieve this, I aim to deliver empathetic and detail-oriented support, encourage proactive communication, problem-solve, and promote lasting relationships.


We have a strong focus on innovation and challenging the status quo. To foster an environment where thinking creatively and exploring unconventional methods to meet client needs is not just welcomed but celebrated. The emphasis on agility and adaptability within the group is also something I value. In a rapidly changing business environment, being agile and quick to respond to shifting market conditions, client needs, and industry trends is essential.

Technology is ever changing and with the advent of hybrid working, it’s more important than ever that we make sure to continue to prioritise meeting with clients face to face. So far, I have found meeting with clients to be the most satisfying part of the job as I get to hear the clients’ desires and needs first hand, which helps me have a better understanding when I’m working with them down the line in the process.


I am enthusiastic about the group’s potential for growth and continued success. I’m excited to contribute to the company’s ongoing development by leveraging my skills and dedication to provide exceptional service to our clients. I also look forward to progressing in my career, expanding my knowledge with the ultimate goal of becoming a Financial Planner. The AAB Group’s commitment to innovation and its unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier service will provide me with the ideal platform to achieve my aspirations.

Kieran Yeats

Who I help

I help a range of clients, including individuals or couples looking ahead towards retirement or people already at that stage in life, looking to ensure they can fulfil their lifestyle during their golden years.

How I help

I help our clients firstly by listening to them and then by building a plan to meet their wants and needs. We provide a systematic, evidence-based approach to investment planning. We get to understand the clients and what they want to achieve with their money and then use various systems and cashflow platforms to help determine the next steps for them.


Kieran Yeats is part of the Client Service Support team. Based in Aberdeen, he helps provide support to the Financial Planners and Financial Planning Associates, in order to assist with the clients’ objectives. Kieran regularly attends client meetings to gain an insight into what our clients are looking for, and following these meetings, he acts as a point of contact if they need any information or clarification.


“An ideal client relationship involves collaboration, clear and honest communication and trust. We are dedicated to making sure clients feel they’ve put their trust in the right place. Building a strong relationship allows us to progress efficiently and collectively to help turn our clients’ plans turn into a reality.

Clients expect to work with someone who is willing to listen and put their best interests first. They put a significant amount of trust in us to help them with their current situation, so I aim to ensure clients feel comfortable when discussing their financial situation.”


“I would like to think that I can bring positive outcomes to both clients and colleagues. I find it extremely rewarding knowing that I am providing support to the Financial Planners by implementing their advice for our clients. As such, giving me the opportunity to support the Wealth team and our clients at the same time.”


“The AAB group has a good reputation for its approach to client service, something that I feel I can emulate in my role. I look to go the extra mile to fulfil clients’ needs and if they have an enquiry that goes beyond my role, I will guide them to the right area in the group to ensure that their demands are met.”


“Flexibility is another important part of a client relationship, and it is essential we are able to adapt to meet the specific needs of our clients. If clients would prefer to meet online rather than in person, we can accommodate this. Our online portal also allows clients to look at their portfolio at any time, which provides them with peace of mind especially in times of market volatility. We use various online systems or platforms to add more in-depth and personal detail to our client’s journey.”


“From my first few meetings with clients so far, I have noticed that clients can sometimes have the wrong expectation of what our advice might be. This is a great opportunity to provide a greater understanding of their current financial situation and inform clients that, with sound advice from our team their goals are in fact achievable.”


“I am excited to be a part of a growing organisation that invests in and aids my progression alongside the business. As a new team member of the firm, I have already witnessed the collective support across the team which fills me with confidence about my own future.

With a lot of experience already present in the wealth team, there is a great foundation for me to start learning from and building a career of my own. I believe my work ethic and desire to learn is one of my greatest strengths to the wider group. At this stage of my career, I am eager to learn as much as possible about the company’s processes and services that are provided to our clients. I’m also open to new challenges and excited to play my part in a growing team.”


“At AAB we have an ethos of positivity, enthusiasm and fun. Enjoying your place of work is extremely valuable as it can boost your performance and productivity. This balance of working hard combined with a fun and inclusive culture helps me to remain enthusiastic and motivated towards helping our clients and the business succeed as well as achieving my own personal goals.”

Alfie Fraser


I assist a diverse range of clients, including private individuals, couples, business owners, investment clients, and retirees. Each client brings unique financial expectations and goals, which allows me to gain exposure to a broad spectrum of financial planning scenarios.


I provide comprehensive support to clients throughout their journey. This involves assisting both Financial Planning Associates and Financial Planners by ensuring they have the necessary information to carry out their responsibilities effectively. My responsibilities encompass various tasks, from gathering client information to liaising with product providers and preparing documentation for contributions or transfers.


Alfie Fraser is part of the Client Service Support team. Based in Aberdeen, his role is instrumental in ensuring that clients receive a seamless and exceptional service. Alfie works closely with Financial Planners and Financial Planning Associates to gather, organise, and maintain crucial client information. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that when clients engage with our team, they benefit from a well-informed and tailored approach.

Additionally, he assists in preparing documentation and facilitating the administrative processes necessary to execute financial plans effectively. By ensuring that all the necessary groundwork is in place, Alfie contributes to the overall quality and efficiency of the service our clients receive. This means that when clients interact with our team, they can have confidence that their financial well-being is being managed with precision and care.


“An ideal client relationship is built on trust, open communication, and a deep understanding of their individual needs and financial goals. It involves providing personalised support at every stage of their journey, ensuring they feel confident and secure in our services.

One of the greatest strengths I bring to AAB Wealth is my communication skills and friendly demeanour. I firmly believe that effective communication is the cornerstone of building trust and understanding with clients. I make it a priority to ensure that clients feel comfortable discussing their financial matters. Additionally, my friendly disposition allows me to connect with clients on a personal level, which I believe is essential in providing tailored and meaningful financial advice.”


“Clients expect a high level of professionalism, transparency, and expertise. They rely on us to offer tailored financial advice to address their specific circumstances. They also anticipate efficient communication and a seamless experience, knowing that we have their best interests at heart.

A common misconception I’ve come across is the belief that financial planning is solely for those reaching the end of their working life and retirement. In reality, it’s a valuable service for individuals at all stages of life. It’s crucial to educate people about the benefits of professional financial advice and how it can positively impact their financial well-being.”


“The most satisfying aspect of my role is being able to witness our client’s financial progression and knowing that we’ve played a pivotal role in making their lives easier and more secure. It’s fulfilling to see them achieve their goals and navigate uncertain times with confidence.

Collaborating with colleagues is equally rewarding. The supportive and sociable team culture fosters stronger relationships, allowing us to deliver a more comprehensive service. The exchange of knowledge and ideas among colleagues enhances our collective expertise, benefiting both the team and our clients.”


“I approach my role with a determination to continuously improve and find more efficient ways to support clients and colleagues. I’m assertive in seeking out opportunities to enhance our services and ensure our clients receive the best possible advice and assistance.

Technology enables us to provide clients with a service that suits them. A balanced approach is key. Utilising tech-enabled solutions, such as virtual meetings and online platforms, allows us to have the flexibility and accessibility to meet our clients’ individual preferences and circumstances.”


“One of the main challenges is ensuring that each client’s unique needs are addressed effectively. To overcome this, we adopt a meticulous approach, gathering detailed information and utilising advanced tools to provide tailored recommendations. Regular communication and proactive monitoring help us stay aligned with our clients’ evolving financial goals.”


“I’m excited to further develop my knowledge and expertise, and to contribute to the ongoing success of AAB Wealth. I aim to provide the highest standard of service and continue learning to better serve our clients.

As for AAB, the potential for growth and the opportunities that come with it are particularly thrilling. The dynamic and innovative environment within the firm positions us to continue providing exceptional financial services to an even broader client base.”


“The value of collaboration deeply resonates with me and strongly influences how I approach my role. Recognising that no individual has a monopoly on knowledge, I actively seek out opportunities to collaborate with my colleagues. By working together as a cohesive team, we leverage our collective strengths, skills, and perspectives to provide the best possible service to our clients.

This value encourages an environment where we challenge assumptions, welcome diverse viewpoints, and celebrate the richness of our backgrounds and experiences. It reinforces the idea that our combined efforts far exceed what any one of us could achieve alone, ultimately benefiting our clients and contributing to the success of the business.”

Senka Dervisevic Ferjancic


I work mainly with the AAB Wealth team but interact with other departments if the client is also a client of the larger group.


I help our team by having a fastidious approach to customer service, client portfolio administration and report preparation delivering a first-class service to all our clients.


Senka Dervisevic Ferjancic is an Administrator in our Wealth team. Based in our Aberdeen office, her role involves supporting the team by dealing with client portfolio administration, requesting information from providers, collating information for paraplanners, preparing reports, investment packs and review packs.


“When it comes to building and maintaining relationships, communication is the key. Internally, the team support one another, share ideas and make sure everyone is managing their workload, whilst balancing it with their personal life and socialising.

From a client perspective, they expect excellent service, which relies on regular communication, dealing with queries in a timely manner, and always keeping them up to date with the process, even if it is not going smoothly. Although I do not have any direct involvement with clients, I enjoy hearing from team members how our work has impacted their lifestyles.”


“To ensure we are constantly evolving our processes and systems to meet clients’ needs we encourage open discussions and sharing feedback. If I spot something which could be more efficient, even if it means more involvement from a client in the short term such as requesting more information, we are willing to go the extra mile knowing the impact it could make in the long-term. I believe we should work smarter, not harder and all for the benefit of the client.”


“The AAB group offers a hybrid working policy and from an administrative perspective, I prefer the virtual route. The team are all so used to working virtually by now and most importantly we are saving our planet by printing less and not commuting to and from the office as often. Although I do value going into the office and to interact with colleagues and clients in person.

Being new to the AAB Wealth team, I’m looking forward to working with such an experienced and ambitious team, and the opportunity to use and expand my knowledge and experience further. No matter what the job, is I approach each task with an open mind, and I’m very detail oriented, flexible and hardworking.”

Fiona MacDonald


Private Individuals. Business Owners. High Net Worth Individuals. Investment clients.


I help clients arrange and prepare for their review meetings, issuing any paperwork that we may need and answering any related or other queries they may have. I also maintain client records to ensure we have accurate and up-to-date information.


Fiona Macdonald is a Client Service Support in our Wealth team. Based in our Aberdeen office, Fiona works in an admin role to the Financial Planners and overall team. Her role involves contacting clients to arrange review meetings, preparing the review pack and requesting any necessary paperwork or information required for the meeting.

Fiona also assists clients with any queries or requests, both by email and telephone. She helps maintain up to date information regarding client investments, protection plans, and pensions, and is involved in processing transactions on behalf of clients such as withdrawals, regular deposits, ISA subscriptions and more.


“An ideal relationship involves good lines of communication where we can build a relationship over time to establish and maintain their ongoing needs whilst being friendly and professional. It’s essential they feel confident in the service we provide and comfortable in their relationship with us.

Some people are wary of contacting a Financial Adviser and hear stories in the media of people losing their life savings or pension, which is a pity if it prevents them from seeking advice and expertise that they could benefit greatly from. Sometimes, a client has had a bad past experience that caused great distress both financially and emotionally, but we take the time to find out exactly what they need and rebuild a trusting relationship, where we work together towards the same goal.”


“I hope clients feel I’m easily contactable with any query, large or small. They expect me to answer queries, action requests, respond to emails and be knowledgeable and accurate in the information that I provide.

I enjoy the interaction with clients when they come into the office for review meetings or contact via telephone or email. Also, getting to know them over time and seeing their lifestyle plans progressing. I work with a friendly team who support and help each other, and I find by exchanging information and ideas with colleagues this benefits me in my role and adds to my knowledge.”


“As my role is mostly admin based, I consistently look for ways to improve efficiency which benefits our clients or my colleagues. The firm’s ability to adapt and have online meetings has been very useful to maintain contact and ongoing relationships with clients.

Face-to-face contact is still very important but being tech-enabled means that we’re able to offer meeting options that suit the client. Some are not so comfortable with technology, whilst others are very familiar with using Zoom or Teams and are happy to have a meeting without leaving their workplace or home. The use of technology such as electronic signature, online applications and uploading of documents to provider portals is a great thing and has helped to speed up the processing of paperwork.”


“I am just starting my role with AAB Wealth and look forward to expanding my knowledge and experience and getting to know the wider team. I’m excited to be part of their continued growth and ongoing success. Personally, I’m conscientious in my work and always strive to be willing, enthusiastic and progress in my career, ultimately to give my best, whether that be providing a good service for a client or being open to learn and expand my knowledge.”

Kirsty Manclark


We provide financial advice to a wide variety of people, ranging from individuals and couples to business owners and retirees.


We offer advice through carrying out analysis and cash flow modelling to determine the most efficient way to maximise their financial potential. We provide financial planning services and can determine clients next steps on areas such as supporting their child through university or helping them buy their first home.


Kirsty Manclark is part of our Client Service Support team. Based in Aberdeen, Kirsty provides support to the Financial Planners and Financial Planning Associates through each stage of the client journey. As part of the Client Service Support team, Kirsty attends client meetings alongside the planners and can often be one of the first lines of communication with our clients, which allows the team to build strong relationships with them.


“In the Wealth department, the relationship we have with our clients is very personal and therefore differs from the other departments across the firm. The team works with a wide range of individuals and families to achieve their goals, meaning that to strike an ideal client relationship, honesty, trust, communication and attention to detail are absolutely paramount.

Getting to know each of our clients on a personal level also ensures that we can offer the best service that is tailored to them. It is important that we are approachable to each of our clients, and as a result can be there to support them throughout life’s uncertainties.”


“I think clients expect that we take a transparent and personal approach, whilst pursuing an active role to ensure that all work we do for them is thorough, timely and objective. Going the extra mile and exceeding the expectations of our clients is also an invaluable part of AAB Wealth.

The firm’s use of IT makes working as a team much more efficient and ensures the communication we have with our clients is seamless. During client meetings, we have the advantage of using our cash flow modelling software, which provides a personal illustration for each client of their current financial position and future potential. The software also provides excellent accessibility to investment planning for clients with any kind of exposure to the markets.”


“I am a people person, so I have really enjoyed being part of such a sociable team and firm and I think that is definitely one of the firm’s strengths as a whole. Particularly in Wealth, it allows us to build even stronger relationships with our colleagues and clients, helping the service we offer to reach its full potential.

With the recent growth of the AAB Group, it is an exciting time to have joined the Wealth team as a graduate. The Wealth team now operate in several other locations, bringing lots of new opportunities and an even more extensive range of clients. Seeing as my career has just started, I am looking forward to seeing how the group evolves in the future and feel privileged to be a part of the journey.”

Cally Urquhart


We provide financial advice to a wide variety of people, ranging from individuals and couples to a business owners and retirees, all looking to arrange their finances in the most tax efficient way.


We help clients to plan for the future, no matter what life stage they are at, giving an insight into what the clients financial outlook may be, with cash flow modelling, and tax efficiently planning, to avoid shortfalls and/or pass their wealth onto their family.


Cally Urquhart is part of our Client Service Support team. Based in Aberdeen, Cally provides support to the Financial Planners and Financial Planning Associates in all aspects of a client’s journey, to help ensure clients have a smooth experience with us at AAB Wealth.

Cally assists the wealth team by gathering information on client’s existing policies, liaising with product providers, preparing paperwork ahead of any transfers or contributions, and arranging documentation packs ahead of the client meeting with their planner.”


“Clients expect us to help set realistic financial goals and for the process to run smoothly. Trust and open communication between us and the client are essential to a good client relationship. We aim to provide the best service possible by getting to know you, your personal circumstances, and the goals you have for the future.

Clients can contact us whenever they want, for whatever they need. Having this open line of communication builds trust between our team and the client, therefore building a great relationship to work off and making it easier for us to understand and achieve the client’s goals.”


“The most satisfying part of my job is knowing that we get to help make a client’s life easier by taking the stress off individuals, and planning for whatever they need and want, as and when they want it.

We can offer our services in multiple different ways, whether that be face-to-face in the office, at a client’s home, or online through Microsoft Teams. It is completely down to the client’s preference and what works best for them at the time. Offering a variety of meeting options allows us to accommodate the different needs of our clients and remain flexible in our offerings, therefore enhancing the client experience.”


“I am excited to see what both the Group, and AAB Wealth do in the future. They have a great team culture of innovation and striving to always provide the best service. The opportunities are endless and will only increase with the growth of the company. I hope to gain more knowledge and become a Financial Planner at AAB Wealth and see where the journey takes me.”

Ciaran Drever


We help a range of clients across the board, and each client requires specific advice tailored to their needs. The variety of financial expectations from our large client pool provides new starts like myself with great exposure from early on through to the later stages of financial planning. The underlying aspect is that financial planning can be beneficial at any moment in any career.


Our team works together to provide recommendations based on the client’s needs. The implementation of this strategy will be tailored to match their preferred portfolio. Upon completion of the client’s plan, we frequently monitor the performance of the client’s wealth and personal needs to ensure that our strategy continues to align with their financial goals via regular communication. Importantly, we reassure clients, as emotions can understandably run high during the ups and downs of the market – we remind them that our plans have been constructed to deal with market shocks.

“In everything we do, we keep our clients’ best interests at heart.”

Ciaran Drever is a Financial Planning Associate based in our Aberdeen office. His role allows him to be involved in a client’s journey from start to finish with the main responsibility being to ensure that the client receives high quality and consistent support and service. His role also involves attending meetings and recording relevant data on the client’s information, visions and current policies they may hold. Outwith meetings, his tasks vary from setting up plans to executing withdrawals or payments whilst working alongside firm-based side projects.

vision for the future

“Transparency and trust are fundamental to an ideal client relationship and are vital factors in supporting effective communication between all parties involved. Understanding the client’s needs and vision for the future is the foundation for developing a unique relationship. Along with our professional advice, we can create a plan that will benefit clients and provide great satisfaction for the Group, in alignment with our intention of ensuring financial confidence for all clients.”

Building lasting relationships

“We act with clients’ best interests in mind and inform them of notable changes or updates. They should feel comfortable when discussing their financial situation with us and it’s vital to create this environment to build and maintain a longstanding strong relationship with the client.”

Encouraging working culture

“Occasionally, it is great to meet clients at the office or online to gain an understanding of their personal and financial journey. All clients are unique from one another, meaning every interaction is interesting in discussing their experiences and plans for the future.

In my short tenure within the Wealth department at AAB, it was evident after a few days that the working culture and ethics are encouraging and lively, creating an enjoyable work environment. The open approach to work allows for the team to integrate from the advisors down to the trainees.”


“In-person interaction is valued highly by our clients and is the reason why our ‘hands-on’ approach is inevitable in developing our unique relationship with clients. Although, this can be altered to meet clients’ specific needs with our innovative and interactive portals and services providing clients with visibility to their chosen plan and performance digitally whenever they wish. Ultimately, having the option allows for the essential flexibility and accessibility to monitor and ensure client satisfaction and performance of investments.”


“The support and training invested into individual development for the overall greater good of the Group is a real incentive for graduates to join the business to develop and progress through their careers. The Group’s recent and projected growth is impressive, creating exciting opportunities for all those associated with the firm as we look to expand our client base across the UK.”


“Being relatively new to the Group, it’s vital that I continue to develop my knowledge of clients, the groups processes and procedures and especially the services we provide. In doing so, it allows me to be open and available to new challenges and tasks and understanding my training as a Trainee. Overall, I feel the above coupled with my relevant university degrees will aid my productivity and value to the team.”

Vikki Venerus


Everyone within the Wealth team.


Recruitment. People Training and Development. Operations. Compliance.

“My passion is people.”

Vikki Venerus is Head of Operations and Compliance for Wealth. She has been a part of the company since day one, when she joined as an Administrator. So has seen it blossom from nothing, into the successful business it is today.

Based in Aberdeen, Vikki oversees the day-to-day operations, while taking responsibility for compliance – a crucial task in such a highly regulated sector. But undoubtedly the part that she enjoys the most, is growing and developing the team – a role which takes in recruitment, training, mentoring, coaching and wellbeing. She’s dedicated to bringing on the next generation of financial planners – and it looks like nothing will stop her.


“Culture is always at the front of my mind, especially when I’m recruiting. I see plenty of people who are really interested in numbers, analysis and the tax side of what we do. But that’s not enough. In a job like this, you also have to be a people person.”

Yes, the numbers are important. But I always think the most important factor is how that helps clients – because ultimately that’s our end goal. Building relationships, delivering sound financial advice and giving clients peace of mind. That’s what it’s really all about.”


“Whatever my team need, I’m there for them – whether that’s guidance, support, direction or empowerment. I don’t expect them to check in with me on everything – they can just get on with the job themselves. But I’ve put strong systems and controls in place to make sure that nothing falls through the net.

Having said that, I always make sure I check in with my team. Just to make sure they’re ok. Wellbeing is so important, if we don’t get that right, there’s no way we can do a good job for our clients. And it’s really important to me that everyone feels like they have a voice. Because in a team, everyone’s views are important.”


“A big challenge in our industry has always been the technology side. Getting tech speaking to tech. But compared to a lot of other financial planning firms I think we’re very progressive. In fact, you could say we’re early adopters. If there’s anything coming down the track, we’re always open to finding out more, especially if it will lead to more efficient ways of working. Anything that makes our clients’ journey a little bit smoother, like being paperless or using tools like MS Teams or DocuSign, is worthwhile.”


“I came into the business as an administrator many years ago. But soon I wanted to know the ‘Why’. Why was I doing what I was being asked to do? That’s what drove me to study, do my exams and became a qualified Chartered Financial Planner. Now my mission is to give that opportunity to other people.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people grow and progress. In fact, nearly everyone on my team is studying for one qualification or another. Being able to bring good people through from your own talent pool and see the future open up for them is just incredible.”