Alastair Moore


Individuals, Business Owners, Trustees.


Financial Planning, Wealth Planning, Legacy Planning, Cash Flow Modelling, Pension Planning, Investment Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Cascading Wealth Planning.


Alastair Moore is a Chartered Financial Planner within our Wealth team. Based in Northern Ireland, his role involves helping clients put robust and coherent financial plans in place, taking care of the complex investment decisions and providing them with the confidence to achieve their goals, objectives and ambitions.

“I take a holistic view of financial planning with clients. Starting with building a picture of where they are now, financially and personally. From here, I develop a cash flow model which incorporates their lifestyle goals and objectives, along with their assets, liabilities, income and expenditure. This process illustrates whether the client is currently able to achieve their goals and objectives and how efficiently their finances are structured. I then work with clients to enhance the structure of their assets and implement any changes which could increase their ability to achieve their own personal goals and objectives.

No financial plan should be a set and forget exercise, as such, I meet with clients regularly to update their financial plan, take account of changes in their circumstances and ensure they remain on track to meet their goals and objectives.”


“A fundamental part of my role as a Financial Planner is helping clients navigate complex and important milestones throughout their lifetime. As such, I enjoy building long term relationships with clients, where I act as a support, someone they can lean on, rely upon, and who ultimately helps them navigate the ebbs and flows of life with confidence.

Every relationship has to be built on trust. Clients expect and deserve honest, trustworthy and professional advice, with their best interests at heart, from someone who truly understands and knows them, their situation and their objectives. ”


“AAB has a reputation for being disruptive, feisty and assertive and this reflects in our approach to clients. Financial Planning and Advice has for too long been focused on investments and investment returns. AAB Wealth, and I by association, take a different approach with clients; investing for the long term and focusing on what really matters to clients; their unique goals and objectives.”


“Technology has been a fantastic facilitator over the past couple of years with everyone being forced to meet virtually. Ultimately however, technology will never replace the power of face to face meetings, where we get a deeper sense of who the client is and where they want to go, whilst allowing the client to get a sense of us and whether we can add value to their circumstances.

However, we can harness technology to enhance the client experience further, whether it’s to demonstrate the sustainability of their lifestyle throughout their lifetime or checking in with them as they enjoy a holiday abroad.”


“It’s exciting to be part of a fast growing and dynamic firm as it enters a new stage and a new geographic region in Northern Ireland. This creates opportunities for the firm and I to work closely with our FPM colleagues to grow, develop and help clients throughout this region with their financial planning requirements.”

Lisa Tait


Private Individuals and Couples. Family Businesses. Business Owners. Trustees.


Wealth Planning. Cash Flow Modelling. Financial Planning. Pension Planning. Investment Planning. Cascading Wealth.

“I WANT TO bring a different perspective.”

Lisa Tait is a Financial Planner within our Wealth team. Based in Aberdeen, she helps clients get to grips with their money and gain peace of mind that they’re financially secure. But Lisa’s role isn’t just focused on investments or savings. More often than not, it’s about giving people the confidence to spend their money on things they want to do, whilst knowing they’ll still be ok in the future – and so will their family.

Lisa works hard to help her clients build a better life. And she says it’s an incredible compliment that clients put their faith in her, and trust that she only has their best interests at heart.


“Having an open and honest dialogue with clients is crucial. They need to trust me, and I need to be honest with them – even if they don’t particularly want to hear what I have to say! It’s just about creating an environment where they feel comfortable telling me about their ambitions, their hopes and dreams for the future – both personally and for their loved ones.

I think as a woman in a traditionally male industry, I can bring a slightly different perspective to what I can offer to the Wealth team and to our clients.”


“I’m a people person, so working with clients face-to-face is the most satisfying part of my role. Just meeting people, chatting to them and taking them through the planning process is great. And it’s even better when you know you’ve given them the confidence to really enjoy their hard-earned cash and see their retirement as the next exciting stage of life.

Everything I do revolves around making the big decisions a little bit simpler – and ultimately helping clients get the most out of life.”


“Although relationships are the key thing for me, there’s a place for tech too – especially when it comes to cash flow modelling. It’s really powerful to be able to sit with a client and present a meaningful visual of their financial plans for the future, showing them different scenarios and building in important life events.

To see it all laid out visually makes such a difference – much better than just talking about the numbers. It means I can show people, that if you want to get here, you can still afford to do X, Y and Z without running out of money. That opens up so many possibilities for people.”


“You might think one of the greatest challenges in this role is preventing clients from going into panic mode about their investments when the markets aren’t performing well, or world events throw a spanner in the works. But because we take the time at the outset to make sure our clients are comfortable with our long term investment approach, this isn’t a common issue.

A greater challenge is giving clients comfort that they can spend their money! Retirement should no longer be seen as pipe and slippers territory (unless that’s the dream!) but instead the start of a new chapter, full of opportunity. You’ve worked hard all your life. Now’s the time to live a little.”

Martyn Paterson


Private Individuals. Business Owners. High Net Worth Individuals.


Wealth Planning. Cash Flow Modelling. Financial Planning. Pension Planning. Investment Planning. Cascading Wealth.

“I love to see clientS’ plans come to fruition.”

Martyn Paterson is a Chartered Financial Planner within our Wealth team. Based in Aberdeen, he works with a wide range of clients, helping them build their wealth and plan for the future.

Forging long term relationships is key to the work that Martyn does – because he can work with clients for decades and through generations. And whoever he is working with, the focus is always on ensuring his clients have a very clear view of the best way to build their wealth, spend their wealth, plan for retirement and then cascade their wealth onto loved ones.


“While a few of my clients may require advice on a transactional basis, for me it’s all about getting to know the people that I work with – then helping them develop a plan to achieve all the things they want to do in life. And I check in on their progress regularly, to ensure they stay on track and achieve their goals.

That’s what I appreciate most about what I do. It’s incredible to help a client make plans – and then see those come to fruition. That really is the feel-good factor at the end of the day. And when clients recommend me to a friend or family member, that’s all the validation I need that I’ve earned their trust and they think I’m doing a good job.”


“I think when new clients come to me, they’re not sure what to expect. They might have a lump sum they’re not sure what to do with. Or maybe they want some advice on their pensions or investments. But they’re often surprised when we take it all a step further.

The thing is, wealth planning is not about the here and now. It’s about clients thinking about what they want their future to look like – and then putting plans in place to help them get to that point. It’s about knowing how your finances are going to play out. It’s about taking away the worry or uncertainty of the years ahead. It’s about being able to live your best life.”


“I bring a lot of experience to AAB – I mean I’ve done financial planning for more than 25 years. But I think clients value my practical approach just as much. I’m pretty level-headed and good at taking a step back and thinking, ‘OK, these are all the options on the table, so which one will get us to where we want to be the quickest’. Sometimes I’m able to show people they can retire even earlier than they thought – and give them the data to back that up. It’s times like that the enjoyment factor really kicks in.”


“I think this is a really exciting place to work – it’s like a breath of fresh air. No matter what level you come in at, the opportunities to spread your wings, try something new, work in different departments, or even in different parts of the country are incredible.

There’s always so much going on, and so many young people joining the company, that it invigorates you. And one thing I really value, is being able to pass on my knowledge and experience. It’s such a privilege to be able to help develop the next generation of financial planners or paraplanners.”

Richard Johnston


Individuals. Business Owners. Trustees.


Wealth Planning. Cash Flow Modelling. Financial Planning. Pension Planning. Investment Planning. Estate Planning. Tax Planning. Cascading Wealth.

“I leave no stone unturned.”

Richard Johnston is a Chartered Financial Planner within our Wealth Team. Based in Edinburgh, he works with a wide range of private clients, helping them build their wealth and plan for the future.

The most important aspect of Richard’s work is building long-term relationships with people. Helping them navigate life’s twists and turns. And, along the way, giving them all the advice they need in the realm of pensions, tax, investments and estate planning. In a nutshell, helping them get the most out of life.


“Clients often come to me initially for something fairly transactional – maybe to ask advice about a pension or an investment. But I think what I do works best when we can build a relationship that goes much deeper than that. That’s why I work hard to build a rapport with clients. To forge relationships that will stand the test of time – perhaps even through the generations.

And while technology like video calls can be incredibly useful, I don’t think that will ever replace face-to-face meetings. For me, nothing beats sitting in the same room as someone and having a proper chat. So, I prefer it if clients are willing and able to give some time to the process – to be fully engaged with it. Because that’s when they get the most back.”


“When clients pick up the phone to me, they’re probably expecting me to help with one small part of their finances. But I hope after we talk, they realise I can do so much more than that. Wealth planning is about looking at the whole picture. Holistic isn’t necessarily the right word – but it’s about leaving no stone unturned to get a proper fix on where you are, where you want to go and how you can get there.

Once people see that, there’s always a bit of the wow factor. The client goes away with a lot more confidence. They know what they can and cannot achieve. And that’s maybe more than they ever believed possible. I can’t help but feel chuffed when that happens.”


“The great thing about AAB, is that we’re not afraid to step outside the norms of the wealth industry. The way we manage investment portfolios or the modelling strategy we use. Even in the relationships that we build with clients. We’re brave enough to look at things differently. We question if it works or if there’s a better way to do things. And that feels very exciting and actually quite refreshing.”


“I like to think that I’m very thorough when looking at my clients’ finances. I don’t just skip over things because they seem too minor to be concerned about. And although I’d never say I’m an extrovert, I like building relationships and having discussions with clients.  I enjoy the whole aspect of getting to meet people and getting to know them better.

Clients often say that talking to me has made them think differently. And that it’s given them so much more confidence for the future. That’s a great compliment because that’s what the ultimate outcome should be.”

Andrew Dines


Individuals. Business Owners. Oil and Gas Executives.


Financial Planning. Wealth Planning. Legacy Planning.


Andrew Dines is a Chartered Financial Planner and Director of the Wealth team. Based in Aberdeen, his role is two-fold. Firstly, he is part of the leadership team, providing strategic direction to help the business reach its objectives.

Secondly, as a financial planner, Andrew works directly with individuals, discovering what their own aims and ambitions are. Then he helps them create a plan to live their desired lifestyle, without fear of running out of money. He’s a people-person who likes nothing better than working with clients and doing his bit as part of a team.


“I work with a wide range of different clients. They come to me because they want to sell their business, have money to invest or want to start drawing down income from their pensions. Some are just looking for a better place to grow their cash.

Whatever the reason, it’s essential that the relationship works and feels like a comfortable fit. Potentially, we’re going to meet up every six months for the rest of our life. So it really helps if we actually like each other! And of course, having trust is absolutely crucial.”


“My clients are mostly in their 50s. They’ve forged their career and probably built up some capital, but they’ve still got a lot of things going on – weddings, grandchildren, retirements, travel. So what they want to know is whether they can do all the things they want to do without fear of running out of money.

So fundamentally, my work is all about offering support through life changing events – and all the tax planning, legacy planning, and investment management that goes with it. And that’s a difficult thing to put a tangible cost or value on. So when clients want to introduce me to their family or friends, that’s a really big compliment. And actually, the main way we’ve grown our business.”


“Often I’ll suggest something to one of my clients – perhaps something they’ve never even considered before. And seeing them act on that, and thrive because of it, is something that really makes me happy. Sometimes, they might be thinking about leaving a legacy for loved ones and I’ll say why don’t you do it now? To actually see people get the benefit of the money, often when they need it most, is so much more fulfilling than sticking it away in a trust until after you’ve gone. It’s helping make things like that happen that’s really satisfying for me.”


“The norm for most financial advisers is to take their client’s money and invest it. Then in a year’s time see whether it’s gone up or gone down and move it around a bit. I don’t work like that. I believe it’s better to make a plan and stick to it – and let the markets do the work. If you keep your costs low, remain disciplined and diversify, that will allow you to have a successful investment experience.

Anyway, I don’t want to base my relationship with a client on getting a certain return in a year. Because the moment you don’t achieve it, that’s the moment when the relationship starts to break down. My approach is to focus on things you can control. Focus on what you want to do, how much you want to spend, what you want to spend it on. And then come up with a plan to make it all work.”

Ian Campbell


Private Individuals. Business Owners. High Net Worth Individuals.


Wealth Planning. Cash Flow Modelling. Financial Planning. Pension Planning. Investment Planning. Cascading Wealth.

“I help people achieve their goals.”

Ian Campbell is a Chartered Financial Planner within our Wealth team. Calm and level-headed, he works with clients to build their own unique financial plan. One that will help them discover how to build their wealth, plan for retirement and cascade their wealth onto loved ones.

Based in our Aberdeen office, his aim is to become a trusted adviser, building lasting relationships that often extend decades – or even into the next generation. And his ultimate goal – to help his clients get the most out of life.


“Professional but fun. That’s the type of relationship I want to build with my clients. I want us to enjoy each other’s company. To get on well. And of course, I want them to trust in the advice that I give.

I’ve worked with some of my clients for over a decade and I hope I’ll be around to help them for many more years to come. And hopefully, even move on to support their kids in future years too. I’m not in this just to provide my clients with a one-off bit of advice and then disappear. I want to be by their side as they take each important step in life.”


“I don’t think many of my clients come to me because they want to build a financial plan. Their call is usually triggered by another event. That could be retirement, an inheritance, or a company sale. But once we start talking, they soon begin to realise that this one event is actually part of a much bigger picture. And that’s when they start to see the benefit of building a financial plan and all the peace of mind that can bring.

There’s nothing better than helping someone see that they can achieve their goals. Or retire even earlier than they thought. I’ve never had someone come back and say, ‘Oh, I wish I was still working.’ And brilliantly, I often see them a year on after ditching their stressful job and I can actually see they look so much healthier and happier. So that’s immensely satisfying.”


“At AAB, we’re progressive and very entrepreneurial. Maybe because we’ve got quite a young team compared to others in our industry. I’m always ready to embrace new technology. Like using online client portals instead of clients having to bring in sheets and sheets of paper. Or the way I identify clients for anti-money-laundering purposes. I send them a text and they upload a selfie – then our software matches them to their passport or driving licence just to prove it’s them. Stuff like that helps me provide a service that’s totally efficient and makes the client experience as enjoyable as possible. You probably wouldn’t get that from your traditional IFA.”


“There’s no greater accolade than clients wanting to refer you. And yes, it’s great if they mention you to colleagues, but even more powerful if someone says, ‘Would you mind speaking to my dad’, or ‘can you help my son’. If someone introduces you to a family member, it’s a pretty big sign that they trust you to provide a good and honest service. I talk a lot about bringing confidence, giving reassurance and peace of mind, but that’s really hard to quantify. But a client once said to me, ‘I’m always worrying, but after I come to see you, I always feel so much better – because I know that everything is going to be ok.’ I think that speaks volumes.