Team Lead



A wide variety of clients such as individuals and business owners.


Provide assistance and support to the Financial Advisers and Paraplanners to ensure clients receive the best possible experience.

“It is great to see their retirement plans become a reality.”

Shannon Cowie is part of the Team Lead. Her role involves providing assistance and support to the Advisers and Paraplanners to ensure our clients receive the best service.  This includes a wide range of tasks from gathering information on clients existing policies, to implementation stage of the recommendations the advisers have provided.


“An ideal client relationship would be built on trust and having a clear understanding of what they want to achieve from the outset. I help build this trust by being approachable and welcoming when they visit the office, in addition to providing high accuracy within our work alongside knowledgeable and timely responses.

I particularly enjoy meeting the clients we work with and joining meetings with the Financial Advisers, especially now that clients are able to come into the office for their annual progress meetings. It is great to see their retirement plans become a reality.”


“It is great that we can offer clients the opportunity to meet virtually and face to face. Meeting online has been invaluable during covid and has allowed us to continue to provide our full range of services through this period. Although it has been good to welcome clients back into the office, our technology now provides the flexibility for clients to fit meetings in without having to travel.

We use a variety of software within AAB Wealth in order to give clients the greatest experience such as cash flow modelling. This is a fantastic tool which allows our clients to visualise their futures and adds to the advice provided by the advisers.”


“Everyone within the team is very friendly and we work great as a team. It is highly satisfying being able to work within a team who has actively supported my training and personal development from day one. The team are always open to answer any questions I have.

Having been in the role for just one year, there is still so much to learn, and I learn something new each day. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge and take on every opportunity I can to develop my knowledge and expertise and I look forward to gaining more experience through my current role and more qualifications to obtain my Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.”