Financial Planning Associate



A wide range of clients from high-net-worth individuals, people who have recently retired, and business owners, to younger clients at the beginning of their working lives – we provide advice and support across a broad range of demographics.


I work with the advisers to implement any recommendations we give to clients to ensure they can enjoy the money they have worked hard for. We put in place a strategy to meet any ambitions they may have, and in turn the peace of mind and reassurance that they can achieve their goals without worrying about their financial situation.

“It’s our job to reassure clients that we will always have their best interests at heart.”

Ross White is a Financial Planning Associate based in our Aberdeen office. His role involves working closely with the team to provide excellent service to clients. This can involve sitting in on meetings with the advisers to help assess clients’ aims and ambitions, gather information on any existing policies a client may have, cash flow modelling, setting up plans, payments and withdrawals, and helping with any projects the team are undertaking.

Always willing to go the extra mile

“I am always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we do best by our clients. I also strive to continually increase my knowledge and look to draw on the experience of my colleagues to help better my own knowledge bank so that I can help our clients.”


“An ideal client relationship is built on mutual trust and understanding what their goals and ambitions for the future are. It is our role to ensure that the client trusts us to implement a plan that lets them live their lives how they want to live it.

Our clients will expect us to have their best interests at heart, and we have a duty of care to continually review their circumstances, so we know they are still on track. This is why we meet with our clients at least once a year, so we keep up to date with any changes and can tailor their plans accordingly. One of the most satisfying aspects of my role is getting to see clients face to face on a regular basis, getting to know them and hear about their life experiences, families and what their plans are for the future.”


“We are very much hands on with our clients and being in touch with them regularly is where our value is to them. Technology plays a part in simplifying the process for both clients and the team.  Whether its electronic signature software for processing paperwork, and online client portals for them to update their financial details. We also use cash flow modelling software which allows our clients to visualise their income & expenditure throughout their lives, and it forms the basis for a lot of the discussions we have with them.