Client Service Support


I assist in helping a diverse range of clients, from individuals to couples, trusts, business owners and those in retirement.


I support our financial planners in delivering and administrating a range of financial planning services to help clients make wise financial choices to live a fulfilling life from now into retirement.


Lauren Fenty is part of our Client Service Support team based in Aberdeen. Lauren provides support to our Financial Planners and Financial Planning Associates to ensure clients are provided with an efficient and professional financial planning service, from initial onboarding, all the way through to full client engagement and beyond. Her role involves preparing annual progress meeting packs for the financial planners to review ahead of client meetings, updating client cash flow models, processing client contributions and withdrawals from their investments, gathering client information to set up new clients on the systems, and attending meetings with financial planners to take notes.


“For me, an ideal client relationship is where clients have confidence in our ability to provide them with an exceptional service that meets their individual needs, and one where we understand clients’ end goals. Additionally, getting to know clients on a personal level is rewarding and helps maintain an effective business-client relationship, creating that trust, and allowing them to feel you are approachable and willing to help them.”


“I believe our clients expect an efficient, personalised service, tailored to each client to help them achieve their goals. Clients also expect effective timely communication at all levels and to know that they can contact us with any financial query they may have.

Ensuring we meet clients’ differing needs in a field where processes are constantly adapting can be challenging. We have standardised approaches to manage these changes and ensure clients’ individualised needs are met and they feel they are getting a service that is personal to them. I support our adaptive approach by ensuring the information I gather and provide to the financial planners for client meetings is accurate and up to date.

In my work, I am determined to look for new ways to deliver a more efficient client service; I feel, within AAB, there is an encouragement culture, at all levels, allowing me to feel confident in bringing new ideas to create a positive client experience.”


“Getting to see clients progress towards reaching their financial goals is very rewarding, knowing you are playing a key part in helping them. It is also enriching to know we are assisting clients in achieving financial security for their futures, in many instances, giving them the confidence to know they can retire earlier than they anticipated. Meeting with clients in person is also very fulfilling, meeting the faces behind the numbers, and hearing their life stories and the goals they have managed to reach with help from the advice provided by the team.”


“Since joining AAB Wealth, I have felt the positive, fun atmosphere; there is a real level of enthusiasm to always strive for the best, both personally and professionally. This is evident through the support I have received. The team is very supportive, and there is a strong team culture based on a willingness to help others and exchange knowledge. Being surrounded by a range of people, who have different approaches and experiences is very motivating.

Within my work, I always strive to approach tasks enthusiastically, with a positive attitude. I believe this not only assists in me providing a high-quality client service but is also important in me being open to new training and learning opportunities to continue progressing in my career.”


“Being relatively new to the AAB group, I am excited to see what the future holds. The AAB Wealth team has recently been on an exciting growth trajectory. Not only will it provide opportunities for the business, but for me personally, as exposure to a wider clientele will allow me to expand my knowledge. Knowing we will be helping even more clients in the future is also highly motivating. Additionally, it brings with it new training opportunities. As the business continues to expand, I will be able to develop my career within financial services, and I know I will be fully supported by the team in achieving my goals.”