Financial Planning Associate



Clients of the firm: Individuals, Families, Business Owners & High Net Worth Individuals.


I assist the Financial Planners with their work in helping our clients achieve their financial objectives. Utilising cash flow modelling, we create personal financial plans which allow our clients to visualise their future and help them to realise their short- and long-term goals.

“Providing clear and valuable advice from the outset.”

Kirsty Young is a Financial Planning Associate in the Wealth Team. Based in Glasgow, her role involves preparing client reports and letters which summarise our recommendations and advice. This involves cash flow modelling, undertaking analysis of clients’ current financial situations and ultimately, assisting the financial planners in helping clients reach their financial goals and objectives.


“Clients expect us to help them achieve their goals by providing them with clear and valuable advice from the outset and continuing to provide support and further advice when needed, throughout the working relationship.

Our industry is constantly changing and bringing in new rules and regulations. We are always adapting and updating our processes and methods as required to provide the best service that we can to our clients. We are proactive in remaining up to date with any developments in the industry and incorporating these into our methods and the service we provide. The team is open to new ideas from all members and are encouraged to question anything we think could be improved.


“A common misconception is that wealth management is all about making money, when in fact it is about helping our clients to spend their money in the best, most sustainable way for them – removing financial worries and allowing them to focus on what matters most to them.

The adoption of a more tech-enabled approach has streamlined many of our processes, especially when it comes to sharing documents and information with clients. This has led to us being able to process and deliver new business more efficiently, which is ultimately beneficial to both us and our clients. The team is able to effectively collaborate online with one another despite being based in different locations and meet with clients virtually whenever they need to, providing them with a sense of security. It has also meant that I had the flexibility to move from our Aberdeen office to now be based in our Glasgow office.”


“We are dedicated to helping make our clients lives easier and giving them the reassurance that their money is being looked after. The work we do in arranging, consolidating and optimising our clients’ investments and pensions allows them to focus on enjoying their lives, rather than worrying about running out of money.

Using cashflow modelling, we can give our clients piece of mind and the confidence to spend their money how they want to, enjoying bucket list items and experiences.

Clients often express their appreciation for the work that we do as a team, especially when we manage to meet short or last-minute deadlines. The fact that we have so many long-standing client relationships is a compliment in itself.”


“The continued growth, both within the business as a whole and within the Wealth team provides increasing levels of opportunity and development.

I have strong attention to detail, I’m organised, and have good time management skills, all of which allows me to help deliver client recommendations efficiently. I look forward to continuing to develop my career now that I’m based in Glasgow as well as working towards my Advanced Diploma and whatever comes next!”