Our People Qualities

At AAB our approach is different, and our success is down to one thing – our people. We give ambitious and driven people who are full of bright ideas a head start with inspiring career opportunities. Each individual at AAB is a leader in their area of expertise and this makes for an outstanding, innovative and creative workforce which adds to us being an award-winning team!

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Nurturing development

Hard-earned experience and business competence transforms knowledge into expertise and we look for people who seek to achieve this by developing a long-term career with us. The intellectual challenges and stimulating work you’ll experience with us means that your capabilities will be enhanced and your knowledge base expanded to not only allow for your own development, but to enable you to become an expert in your field and share this with others, helping to mould the business professionals of our future.

Professional qualification on its own is never enough! We empower our people to become the best they can be, and provide them with the tools to develop themselves personally, going beyond their technical ability and outwith their field of expertise to become the leaders of our future.


Because attitude counts!

We look for people who relish fresh challenges and thrive on variety. People who show the determination to learn and do well with us have progressive and exciting careers with us.

Our happy people achieve more and we recognise that exceptional people are our greatest asset. That’s why we’re continuously striving to improve ourselves and revolutionise how we train, retain and develop our human resources by thinking creatively and focusing on the future. The status quo is not enough!


Building lasting relationships

We are constantly looking for motivated people with the desire to build a lasting relationship with us, our clients and the communities we operate in; people who have the dedication, drive and vision to join our growing team and further develop our business. We are passionate about our firm and our future success for our people, our clients and our business.

In return, our people receive a personalised and tailored development programme with access to a knowledge and skills base continuously developed for their benefit. Whatever route our people take, their personal development is always our number one priority.


Inspiring and motivating input

We believe that a key element in any relationship is involvement. That’s why we look for people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and make a contribution to our firm, become part of our team and involve themselves with our clients so that they are better able to assist them and provide a first-class service through the AAB Plus Factor.

Our people are all part of the AAB family; being part of our firm goes beyond the day job and involves participating in the not-to-be-missed events organised by our sports, social and fundraising committees. We truly value our people and the good relationships we develop with them. That’s why we take the time to get to know them individually, to understand their aspirations and support them to achieve their goals.


Collaboration is key

We look for people who want to join AAB and make a difference in partnership with their colleagues. We’re all based under one roof which enhances team spirit and improves internal communications and efficiency. Everyone is part of the team, everyone plays their part.

We encourage collaborations and provide a one team approach to client service which means our people get to experience interesting, challenging and varied work projects and our clients receive a seamless, proactive and integrated solution to meet their needs.


Adaptable approach

We look for people who can see the bigger picture and who have the ability to adapt to changing needs. We work in partnership with our clients which requires our team to be flexible to change and adapt, whilst being innovative and thinking creatively, so that we can continue to meet their needs.

At AAB our people experience a flexible working environment and we strive to ensure that they have a healthy work-life balance. We see change as opportunity and a flexible approach allows us to capitalise on change and give our people the freedom to make decisions, take ownership and responsibility in order to reach success.