What's your role? Financial Planner.

What do you like best about working at AAB Wealth? A combination of really feeling that you have made a positive difference in providing clients with peace of mind that their family businesses and other assets are safeguarded for the benefit of their wider families as well as constantly learning and sharing specialist knowledge with the rest of the team.

What’s your favourite destination? I first visited the former East Germany at the age of 17 on a student exchange and then studied in the South West during my 3rd year at university and I have to say that Germany as a whole is one of my favourite places and a seriously under-rated European holiday destination. A road trip a couple of years ago really highlighted the different facets of the country from the breath-taking beauty of the Bavarian Alps to the astounding restoration of cities like Dresden to the fascinating history of Berlin. And of course, the beer…. can’t forget the beer!