What’s your role? Financial Planning Associate. My role involves developing and reviewing clients’ financial plans, including preparing client reports and recommendations for the financial planners to review before they are forwarded to our clients. It also involves working as part of a team with each member having specific roles and responsibilities to ensure that the client receives the best possible service.

What do you like best about working at AAB Wealth? I like working closely with the financial planners to help clients achieve their goals and objectives. It is important to tailor a plan for our clients that is personal to them, which gives them the choice and options for their retirement that perhaps they did not think was achievable, which is really satisfying.

What’s your favourite destination? My favourite destination is the USA and we have managed to visit quite a few different states on our travels so far. The ones that stand out the most are Hawaii, Arizona and California, as they offer the most famous US attractions, as well as good food.

What's on your bucket list? I really enjoy watching lots of different sports and would love to go to all of the major sporting events, like Wimbledon, The Masters at Augusta, a World Cup Final, the list goes on...